Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have mushrooms growing in the soil of one of my house plants , why?

How can i stop this happening ?

I have mushrooms growing in the soil of one of my house plants , why?
There must be some decaying plant matter in the soil there. All it takes is that, some moisture and a spore and you'll get a mushroom.
Reply:Are you sure you're not hallucinating? I know that's a terrible joke, and I apologise for it. I promise to try harder next time.
Reply:mushrooms grow in damp dark places, if your plant can handle it water it less often and give it more light.
Reply:your house plant soil picked some spores,go to a home and garden store and pick up an anti fungal or either change the soil as mushrooms are a fungus.
Reply:No idea, but I'd consider myself pretty lucky. Aren't you pleased?

I agree that excessive moisture contributes to the "mushroom" concern, but before you rush out to find or use a method to kill the fungus' that's there, please consider that less moisture will probably control this event.

With that said, the fungus is doing you a favor by breaking down organic materials in your mix, making the nutrients available to your plant.

There is "good" and "bad" fungus' and bacteria living in your plant's media.

I have intentionally added to my potting/growing media good strains of fungus and bacteria to help and promote healthy plant growth.

Trying to kill off this mushroom, will also kill off the good strains of everything, leaving your plant defenseless and at risk of diseases.

If you notice little gnat-like insects by your plants, these are fungus-gnats, they can be controlled by beneficial bacteria contained in products like "mosquito-dunks", or gnat-control products available on-line.

If you see them, they are telling you that you have a root rot concern to fix.

Hope this helps, Dave
Reply:change the compost - you must have had a spore got into the pot and it has grown. remember the bit you see is only the tip, the larger part is beneath the surface.
Reply:Where did you buy your compost?. You may think you are saving money buying cheap compost , if fungii is growing , what other parasite is in it.

It is also the season for fungus to expel their spores , which are unseen by the naked eye until they germanate.

Next time , purchase the best stuff which has been treated. Ask your local garden centre or horticulturist
Reply:Mushrooms will often grow in potting soil that contains a lot of partially composted wood chips. Mushrooms are one of the many ways nature breaks down woody materials. As they die the nutrients they take up are released back into the soil in a form usable to the plants. The new fungicides like Compass were actually developed from the properties of mushrooms (a fungus) that prevents other fungi from growing near it. It's a class of fungicides called strobulins.

To avoid the mushrooms, use a potting mix that doesn't contain so much wood, or horse manure. The commercial mushroom growers grow them in a processed horse manure so horse manure can also promote them.
Reply:your plants are too damp(the soil) and not enough sunlight.

good luck:)
Reply:You did not say what kind of plant,but it does sound like it is getting too much water. If you can let it dry out a bit before next watering. Also take out mushrooms and put in garbage.Mushrooms have spores by which they spread. So you might have to replace the soil if they come back again.
Reply:I can't honestly say, but don;t eat them, they may be poisonous
Reply:it must be damp were your keeping it coz thats the only way they grow.
Reply:mushroom growers have from time to time to change their growing medium this mostly consists of peat and contains mushroom spores .this material is sometimes purchased by unscrupulous people and sold on as potting compost ,this i am sure is what has happened to you .you need to get rid of it all and purchase some well known brand .

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