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Native plants for front of house.?

The question I asked about native plants for front of house outside two bedroom windows - more info. We live in Townsville, Queensland and need Australian native bushes etc. Sorry about leaving this important info out of original question. Cheers.,

Native plants for front of house.?
There are heaps of natives you could use best to check out bunnings or better yet your local nursery so you can see pictures of the plants and their flowers. Grevillea's such as 'honey gem' with orange flowers, or 'elegance' which has great light to deep pink flowers would work great. things like bottlebrushes (callistemons) come in a range of wild colours as well. Those suggestions are like really tall shrubs but you can keep them cut back to the size you want them, however other small shrubs which you might like are Westringea's which come in a range of blue/white small flowers and various different types of leaf colour.

Best bet though is to check out the nurseries or markets and look at the pictures on the tags.

I hope i was able to help and check those plants i mentioned,

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  • What is a manly house plant?

    My best friend is one of those very manly men. He loves his plants though. I want to get him something he can grow in his apartment, but not flowers. Thanks!

    What is a manly house plant?
    Jade. A very masculine plant that looks like a tree when it gets nice a big. Google images and you will see what they look like. They are an easy plant too!
    Reply:Mother Inlaw Tongue
    Reply:bamboo or a cactus, or even a venus fly trap
    Reply:Venus fly trap.
    Reply:get him something with simple,bold, architectural leaves. best choices are snake plant (sansevieria); Aloe vera; Yucca; cactus.

    The snake plant can flourish in minimal light, Aloe needs more light, and the yucca and cactus need very bright light. all of these plants need only minimal watering.
    Reply:get him a cactus

    peyote is the most manly

    or don Pedro ,that even looks phalic ,but with nasty spikes

    please a venus fly trap is a feminine plant

    get it right

    skunk is manly and rewarding

    but probably illegal

    but if he is so strong that should not worry him.
    Reply:chia pet
    Reply:a white pot with green grass. very soothing

    There are lots of styles and shapes. Set them in the window and instant plant,
    Reply:tell him that gardening ain't about being girly or manly it's about the art of grow life in your hands...

    How to stop puppies eating plants etc. in the house and garden?

    dont get any puppies......simple.

    How to stop puppies eating plants etc. in the house and garden?
    The pet store has a spray that is safe for dogs but has a bitter taste. It should stop him from eating your plants.
    Reply:Get an anti-chew spray from the pet store - alternatively, just spray some cheap perfume on the lower leaves but watch the dogs closely for any reaction - it usually only takes one bite and they don't touch them again because it tastes so horrid. Keep water bowl available so they can drink if they want to.
    Reply:put a little pepper around the base it should deter the pupppy
    Reply:Do not leave your puppy unsupervised until you're sure he/she won't participate in unwanted behavior. If you're always there when the puppy is, you could use a squirt bottle to surprise him/her when approaching the plant.

    If your puppy is going to be a med-large dog, the fence won't work well if the dog really wants to get back there.
    Reply:the only thing you can do is fence the garden off as some plants are toxic to animals and might kill them how about wire fencing tall enough for them to not climb over and common sense keep house plants out of reach of pups.

    Cool House Plants?

    Anyone know of any cool houseplants? Maybe like some kind of night blooming flower or something? Anything neat or different.

    Cool House Plants?
    Venus fly traps are very unique... they were big in the early 80's and are making a comeback!
    Reply:moonflower, a relative of the viny morning glory, flowers open during evenings. angels trumpet, looks like somekind of orchid, opens when it pitch dark every spring (bear in mind its poisonous, fatal if eaten!) or cereus, a night blooming cactus. one flower one night a year Report Abuse
    Reply:try pot plants
    Reply:My favourite is a prayer plant, they open during the day and close at night, like hands in prayer.

    They are green with red lines.

    Mine is over 7 years old.

    Water every week or two.
    Reply:There's a small plant you can get in most greenhouses called a "sensitive plant". I've never seen it labeled or called anything else but that highly un-scientific name. Anyway, it's a small plant with small leaves, which remind me of a fern. It blooms small purple flowers that look almost like fur balls. The neat thing about this plant- when you touch its leaves, it closes up, giving it the appearance of wilting suddenly. If you let it be for a time it opens back up and then closes up again if you touch it. Maybe not the prettiest plant but it is neat to watch. Kind of like a Venus flytrap but the hole stemful of leaves close up upon touch. They're cheap and pretty easy to care for, too.
    Reply:I don't go very exotic because they're so much harder to take care of. I find that I'm happy with ivy and aloe plants, maybe elephant ears or spider plants too (which hang very nicely and make corners very pretty)

    On the kitchen window, go for some herbs %26amp; that should round out nicely with the other plants.
    Reply:Rex Begonias. You should be able to find a few specimens in a greenhouse. They have very unique, metallic-looking leaves in a wide variety, some are very large. Another to look for is an Angel Wing Begonia-has large leaves and lots of flowers.

    Bird of Paradise Plant is also neat, with giant leaves; makes a very large house plant.
    Reply:Please don't waste your money on Orchids, unless you live in 100% humidity inside of your house.

    rain roots

    Did you know that if you water house plants with ice that it works really well?

    That's right. Give a house plant a couple of cups of ice once or twice a week because if you just pour water on them it goes straight through the soil and out the bottom. Ice takes a while to melt, so the water trickles through the soil and has a lot of time to soak in and you don't have that annoying fermenting pool of water in the tray under your plant.

    Did you know that if you water house plants with ice that it works really well?
    Controlled release watering. sounds ideal, right? For some plants it will work fine, for others that are more temperature sensitive, it can be detrimental. The melted ice actually retards root growth because of the cold temperature.. think about it.. tropical plants?? When is the last time they saw ice in the real world? Further, be sure the ice doesn't lay against the plant stems or leaves.

    Most quality potting soils are made to hold moisture, but also to drain excess water. If you are getting a pool of water in the bottom of your houseplants (that stays there and ferments), you're likely overwatering.
    Reply:Ice is a good idea in thought in terms of controlled release, but not for houseplants. Most houseplants are tropical in nature. Most houseplant care guides will tell you to water with luke warm water because many are temperature sensitive, especially palms.

    If you're looking for a better controlled release idea, take tupperware container that you don't use any more and poke a few small holes in it. Fill that with water and set it in your pot. You get the controlled release without the cold temperatures.
    Reply:What about Tropicals?

    House Plants In Basement ???

    Are there ANY type of plants I cant keep in my furnished basement???

    There are NO windows, aka=NO sunlight.....

    House Plants In Basement ???
    Mother-in-laws's tongue and angel wings begonia (I even grow one in water!). I have the former one that grows for 4 years and I only water it once in two (2) months and yes without sunlight. Some indoor plants can survive if you try putting drop lights or lamps overhead.

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  • Does banana pills do good for house plants? why?

    yes any decaying vegetable or fruit will make the soil more fertile for plants.

    but, make sure you eat the fruit part of the banana before you put the peel near the plant, because bananas will excrete Ethylene which will promote any fruit ripening, but also prevents flowering of plants. this chemical also promotes abscission which means the plant will start dropping its leaves, fruits, flowers, or seeds.

    but like I said, as long as you eat the banana itself before you put the peel by the plant, its all good.

    Does banana pills do good for house plants? why?
    never heard of banana pills but banana peels are good for some plants they provide potassium, i personally put them in my stag horn ferns keeps them green and happy.
    Reply:I'm guessing at this, but bananas are high in potassium, which help retain water. I know this because livestock are given potassium injections so that they can retain the water Therefore, the pills would help the plants retain water
    Reply:peels contain nutrients the plant can use. Works as a fertilizer.